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Contact Information

1015 West 79 St., Chicago, IL 60620
Phone:   773-783-8181
Fax:        773-783-5129
1139 West 79 St., Chicago, IL 60620
Phone:   773-874-4954
Fax:        773-783-5129
About Us

child looking at monitorLots of Love Preschool Academy is a privately-operated and locally-owned child care center located in 1015 and 1139 West 79 St. Chicago, Illinois, respectively. We are on a mission of providing a safe haven where parents can entrust their children’s care. We partner with parents, families, and the whole community of Chicago to nurture generations of dreamers, doers, and achievers.

Our Mission

Every child is uniquely blessed with the ability to learn and should be provided with developmentally appropriate opportunities conducive to learning guided by knowledgeable and loving hands.

Children need to experience childhood. The individuality of each child should not be lost in an effort to teach. Learning should be a natural, rewarding, and fun experience for children based upon their interests and developmental patterns.

At Lots of Love, we strive to provide the best in educational opportunities for the children in our care, while maintaining that delicate balance between learning individuality. We strive to instill in children some basic core values such as respect for one another and pride in our country. Our goal is to prepare children for today and for the rest of their lives in a loving and educationally-sound atmosphere.

Our Vision

Lots of Love Preschool Academy envisions itself to become a leading educational pillar for the young minds; to provide parents with a trustworthy choice; and to create learners with an aptitude for life.

Our family is composed of professionals always ready to give a welcoming comfort to all children under our care. We are licensed and are compliant with the city and the state’s standards for quality child care services. At the center, your children will feel at home with our truly reliable child caregivers, teachers, and ECE specialists who see to it that they are well-guided, treated fairly, and each given maximum attention as they deserve. The members of our staff are all certified in pediatric CPR and First Aid.

We always acknowledge the parents’/guardians’ role in setting the path for their child’s welfare. For this reason, we always make use of the parents’ consensus and decisions on matters that directly affect the children. We also involve parents in making some sections of our policies and always consider their last say about major center activities. We have an open-door policy so mommies and daddies are always welcome to come by and lend their comforting presence to the best interest of the little ones.

The center is secured with surveillance systems for safety and security purposes. Visitors are required to log-in upon reception and log-out upon leaving. Only those who are authorized or with due authorization from the parents in the form of a consent letter are allowed entry and/or access to the children. The rooms are cleaned and maintained for everyday use so you can guarantee that your child is having fun at the safest place they can be.

Please don’t have second thoughts about contacting us for more information or if you have any questions. You may send us a message online or you may call 773-783-8181 / 773-874-4954.